Proskit CP-393 Pro-Crimper Modular Tool (160mm)

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Proskit CP-393, Pro-Crimper Modular Tool (160mm)

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  • Cutting modular cable: Place the single-bladed side of the tool’s cutter facing you and cut the modular cable to the desired length. Make sure to cut the ends of the cord straight across, not diagonally.
  • Stripping modular cable (Flat Cable):
    • 2a. Insert 4P/6P cable into the two-bladed side of the tool’s stripper until it touches the stop guide.
    • 2b. Insert 8P cable into the two-bladed side of the tool’s stripper and let it extend a little past the lower cut blade.
  • Squeeze handles until it stops cable must be kept perpendicular and then pull from the tool.
  • Stripping Round Cable Insert the cable into the round stripping hole, turn the crimper in counter clockwise direction and cable in clockwise at the same time.
  • Remove the outer jacket, insert the stripped cable into the plug and be sure the left wire at one and matches the right wire at the other end.
  • Place modular plug with cable into the tool’s holder. Be sure the striped wire is between the tab and gold contacts. Squeeze handles until it stops.
  • 4p holder is located on the back side of the tool.


Model No. Material Application Replacement blade OAL.(mm) Individual packing
CP-393 ABS+carbon steel 8P8C/RJ45, 6P2C/6P4C/6P6C RJ11 modular plugs, RJ-22 4P2C/4P4C handset modular plugs 160 Blister card

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