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Klein Tools ET60, Electronic AC/DC Voltage Tester, 12 to 600V

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ET60 is a solid-state, low impedance, electronic voltage tester. It measures AC/DC voltages up to 600V. The ET60 does NOT require batteries; it is powered by the applied voltage. It is excellent choice for testing voltage in electrical circuits, at outlets, in light fixtures or anywhere else where AC/DC voltage testing is required.

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  • Voltage Tester for AC/DC voltage from 12-600V at nine useful levels aligned with commonly used voltages
  • Uses standard replaceable multimeter test leads for versatility
  • CAT IV 600V modern solid-state design for safety
  • Easy to use bright LED display clearly reports the voltage present in the circuit being tested
  • Integrated test-lead holders are used for lead storage or for holding the probes correctly spaced for insertion into tamper-resistant US-style outlets
  • Inherent low input impedance reduces the possibility of falsely reading ghost or stray voltages on non-energized circuits
  • Batteries not required, as tester is powered by the applied voltage in the circuit being tested
  • Before each use, verify tester operation by measuring a known voltage.
  • Never use the tester on a circuit with voltages that exceed the category based rating of this meter.
  • Do not use the tester or test leads if they appear to be damaged.


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