UST-9310B DC Low Resistance Tester


DC low resistance meter, also known as micro-ohmmeter. Mainly used to measure the wire resistance of cables, the contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays, the resistance of coils, motors, transformer windings, and metal riveting resistance, the connection resistance test between metal components, the low-value resistance test, and the ground grid and ground poles. Resistance test of connecting conductor, contact resistance test.

The DC low resistance meter is composed of the host, monitoring software, test line, communication line, etc. The large-screen LCD display of the host is clear at a glance. It can store 500 sets of data, and the resistance measurement range: 0.001mΩ~300.0KΩ. The
upper computer software has functions such as historical data reading, consulting, saving, and


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It is mainly used to measure the wire resistance of cable, switch, connector, relay contact resistance,
coil, motor, transformer winding resistance, metal riveting resistance, connection resistance test
between metal components, low value resistance test, resistance test of connecting conductor
between ground poles, contact resistance test etc.


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