SKS-105T Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

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  1. EARTH: Sampling Jack for insulation test.
  2. GUARD: Voltage measurement input negative jack.
  3. ACV: AC Voltage measurement input positive jack.
  4. LINE: Insulation Resistance test high voltage output jack.
  5. LCD Screen
  6. High Voltage output resistance test button
  7. Insulation resistance test button.
  8. Function Button
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  1. Professional for measuring insulation resistance and AC Voltage, wide measurement range, convenient to use.
  2. Locking function of test button for continuous measurement.
  3. 3.7″(80x50mm) Large LCD s n with large digital readout with backlight and data hold function for clear reading.
  4. Red alarm light is ON when high voltage outputs.
  5. 10 minutes auto-off of no operation to save power, and low indicator to remind you to replace to ensure measurement accuracy.


Max. Display:9999
Insulation Resistance (Ω): Test Voltage: 100V/250V/500
1000V: O.OOMΩ-5.OOGΩ
Accuracy: 0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ: ±(3%+5), 100MΩ ~ 5.00GΩ: ±(5%+5)
Short circuit current:<2.0mA
AC Voltage(V):30V~750V
Accuracy: ± (2%+3)
Working Environment: 0 ~ 35°C,≤75%RH,≤2000m
Storage Environment: -20 ~ 60° C, ≤ 80%RH


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