Proskit SI-B162, Battery Opearated Soldering Iron

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SI-B162 Battery Operated Soldering Iron has cordless design, free from A/C power cords and dangerous dangling cords.
Ideal for quick repair of circuit boards and electronics at anywhere.
8W / 450°C

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  • New switch design with safety cap detent for auto power off when cap attached to preventing an accident due to careless.
  • Better heat up performance to reach operating temperature in 15-20 seconds (with Alkaline battery).
  • Temperature up to 450°C/840°F, maintains soldering temperature at least 300°C/600°F (with Alkaline battery).
  • Small & compact for easy portability.
  • Lead free solder wire (1mm diameter) included.
Specifications SI-B162
Consumption Max. 8W
Temperature Max. 450°C (with ALKAline battery)
Time to reach
operating temperature
in 15-20 seconds (with ALKAline battery)
Battery 3 x 1.5V Alkaline AA (not included)
OAL 178mm without cap
Accessories Lead free solder wire: 9SI-B162-W, Replacement tip: 9SI-B162-T


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