Proskit SI-124B-40, Soldering Iron (40W/230V)

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Proskit SI-124B-40, Soldering Iron (40W/230V)

  • Brand new and unused


Proskit SI-124B-40, Soldering Iron (40W/230V)


  • The SI-124 series features a specially designed triangular shape handle that allows users to rest his fingers on the handle comfortably, significantly reducing fatigue. Plastic handle 100% impact resistant. High quality Nichrome heater element with excellent thermal stability ensuring long life time. Seamless stainless steel barrel restrains heat expansion. Mmetal sheet stand is included.


Voltage Consumption Temperature Replacement tip Handle color Standard plug* Individual packing
230VAC 40W 420°C±10% SI-120T series Green
Material: PC
B Blister card


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Weight 290 g
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