Proskit PK-9472B Fiber Optic & Telecom Installation Tool Kit

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Description: Fiber Optic & Telecom Installation Noise-Filtering & PoE Wire Tracing 4 in 1 Optical Power Meter

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PK-9472A(Inch)/PK-9472B(Meteic) Contents
1PK-067DSDual Color Side CuttingPlier (165mm)
1PK-709DSDual Color Long Nose Plier(166mm)
CP-3285 in 1 Fiber Optic Stripper
DK-2043Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter
9SD-202APro-Soft Screwdriver(-5 5x75mm)
9SD-202BPro-Soft Screwdriver(+#1 5x75mm)
9SD-207APro-Soft Screwdriver(-6 6x100mm)
9SD-207BPro-Soft Screwdriver(+#2 6x100mm)
CP-3001DPrecision Wire Stripper(AWG 30/28/26/24/22/20)
CP-3141Impact Terminal Tool For Krone
CP-376TR4P/6P/8P Telecom Crimping Tool (190mm)
CP-FB01FTTH Drop Cable Stripper
DK-2039Utility Knife (3 Blades Self Loading)
FL-5281W LED Head Light
MT-12103 1/2 Compact Digital Multimeter
MT-7029Noise-Filtering NetworkPoE Toner & Probe
MT-76154 in 1 fiber Optical Power Multimeter
NT-305Voltage Detector
PD-261610 OZ Engineer’s Hammer
Soldering Iron (220V or 110V)
TC-850-NPABS Carrying Tool Case
Soldering VoltageCase size (mm)Standard Plug


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