Proskit PK-2077B Deluxe Education Tool Kit (220V)

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Proskit PK-2077B Deluxe Education Tool Kit (220V)

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Proskit PK-2077B Deluxe Education Tool Kit (220V) 

103-132CUtility component storage box
1PK-035NC2 in 1 ceramic driver
8PK-366N-GDesoldering pump
8PK-905Cutting plier 125mm
8PK-906Long nose plier 140mm
8PK-S120NA-30Soldering iron 30W 110V or 220V
908-609IC extractor
9101C-PVC PVC screwdriver 3.2x75mm
9101D-PVC PVC screwdriver #0x75mm
9102C-PVC PVC screwdriver 5.0x75mm
9102D-PVC PVC screwdriver #1x75mm
9107C-PVC PVC screwdriver 6.0x100mm
9107D-PVC PVC screwdriver #2x100mm
9S001ASolder core 63%, SN
BX-4123Round hole bread board (1580 tie points)
MT-2007NProtective function analogue multimeter
SH-40172pcs Soldering aid kit
SH-4020Soldering Iron Box
ST-12BTool bag


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