Proskit PK-15307BM, Electronic Tool Kit (220V, Metric)

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  • Model No.- PK-15307BM(Metric)
  • Soldering voltage- 220~240V
  • Standard plug- B


  • Case size: 458x330x150 (mm) (O.D)
  • Weight: 8500 grams
  • Individual packing: Color box

PK-15307BM contents

  • PM-736- Long nose plier 135mm
  • PM-737- Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
  • 1PK-051DS- Dual color lineman’s plier 205mm
  • 1PK-709DS- Dual color long nose plier 165mm
  • 1PK-H026- Adjustable wrench 6″
  • 1PK-067DS- Dual color side cutting plier 165mm
  • 8PK-605A- 5 pcs needle file set
  • SI-130A-20 SI-130B-20- Ceramic Soldering Iron 110V or 220V
  • MT-1210- 3-1/2 compact digital multimeter
  • DK-2040- Measuring tape (3M/10FT)
  • 9DP-S001- Solder core 63%, SN
  • 9HW-002A  9HW-002B- 7 pcs hex key set (inch) or (metric)
  • CP-108- Wire stripper cutter
  • DK-2039- Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
  • SR-330- All Purpose Snip
  • DP-3615- Solder aid tools
  • DP-366P- Desoldering pump
  • HW-609A HW-609B- 10 pcs electronic combination wrench (inch) or (metric)
  • MS-035- Flux bottle (2 pcs/pack)
  • MS-153C- Blow brush (ø56mm)
  • 908-609- IC extractor
  • PN-086N- Slip joint plier 154mm
  • 9SD-201A Pro-soft screwdriver 3.0x75mm
  • 9SD-201B Pro-soft screwdriver #0x75mm
  • 9SD-202A Pro-soft screwdriver 5.0x75mm
  • 9SD-202B Pro-soft screwdriver #1x75mm
  • 9SD-207A Pro-soft screwdriver 6.0x100mm
  • 9SD-207B Pro-soft screwdriver #2x100mm
  • 9SD-217B Pro-soft screwdriver #2x250mm
  • 9SD-220A Pro-soft screwdriver 6.0x40mm
  • 9SD-220B Pro-soft screwdriver #2x40mm
  • SD-081-S3 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver 2.0x50mm
  • SD-081-S6 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver 2.4x75mm
  • SD-081-S7 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver 3.0x100mm
  • SD-081-P2 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver #00x50mm
  • SD-081-P5 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver #0x75mm
  • SD-081-P7 ProSoft Precision Screwdriver #1x150mm
  • SH-1025- Soldering tip cleaner
  • 1PK-125T- Fine tip straight tweezer
  • SB-1912- Utility component storage box
  • PD-374- Hobby vise
  • 9PK-15307-TP- Top pallet for PK-15307
  • 9PK-15307-P- Pallet for PK-15307
  • 9PK-730N- Aluminum frame tool case

Additional information

Weight 9900 g
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm
Brand Name



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