Proskit 808-Q03-1 Anti-Dissipative Table Mat (10Mx1Mx2mm)

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Proskit 808-Q03-1, Anti-Dissipative Table Mat (10Mx1Mx2mm)

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Proskit 808-Q03-1, Anti-Dissipative Table Mat (10Mx1Mx2mm). Anti Dissipative Table Mat is an essential safety product to prevent electrostatic discharge. This anti dissipative mat is made from premium quality material and has a good surface finish. It will prevent any harm and shock during your professional work. The 10Mx1Mx2 mm Anti Dissipative Table Mat is an essential precautionary measure to avoid damage to you and your equipment. The dimensions of this Anti Dissipative Table Mat are 10Mx1Mx2 mm. The mat prevents very sensitive components from getting damaged by static electricity discharge.

Product Features:

The anti-dissipative table mat ensures safety.

It is an essential product to prevent damage to your gear.

The mat is wearing and slipping resistance.

It will protect you against shock while working.

Dimensions: 10m x 1m x2 mm.



Resistivity Size

Individual Packing


Top layers: 108~1010Ω
Bottom layer: 104~106Ω


Additional information

Weight 31000 g
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